Adult Bane Cosplay Costume Detail of Bane movie

Many bane fans search adult bane cosplay to be the bane in “Batman – The Dark Knight Rise”, now we sales this adult bane cosplay full suit that include we noticed details. In the movie, Bane is a cool and miserable man, killed by a woman’s shot. The wrist brace is a details that we noticed, the follow photo will show you the products.

Bane Wrist Brace

Do you like this Bane cosplay wrist brace? 100% real leather.

What people think about the role of Bane?

Is expected to buy the premiere zero votes, only less than 1/3 of the people in the theater, so I cannot get many people like me in the small city who have grade very little, or with my wife, like me, crazy people very little.

The director level as in the past, beauty, explosion, melee, special effects are first-class. Especially the soundtrack, drums, acoustic shock are deeply marked by the stigma of loneliness.

bane costume

But, but I expected the Hathaway didn’t take it, why Bane cosplay costume wasn’t BOSS?! The aura to dress up, tough, voice is rough, the bad is bad, the ruthless are cruel, typical bad, but finally told me he is the pioneer, the manager was a stab in the back, what special skills are not women, even if it is to love, this field also all of a sudden. More sadly, died mother gun crying, it tears, but this aggressive Bane ah, let him climb out of the dungeon is that children could die. Finally, not by Batman but by the child died, a woman shot went dead, is really worth, really think impassability screenwriter why with Bane so not.


$ 59

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