Bane and His Strange Mask

Many Batman fans puzzled why Bane wearing a mask.This is explained in the comic, it is because Bane must rely on a virus to gain strength. If he didn’t wearing it, will very pain. Mask is some sense, means Bane, so many fans usually buy the Bane mask to be cosplay Bane. We provide some style of masks to Bane fans!

Bane voice changer masks

Drama is the symbol of a crying face with a smiling face. So, for a long time, sad face mask and face masks composed of graphics became dramatic sign. In 300 BC in ancient Greece, the drama actors are usually the one who played a few angle, and the mask is a distinguished figure is good or bad, sad and happy faces the best weapon. At that time, a stage in the theater, the play was played to the audience, the actor misacting according to script; and now, the stage is life, play is play to enjoy ourselves, the script is decided by its own personality, and at the box office, it depends on the mask you wear look enough many. I dare to affirm, “the Dark Knight rises] at the box office is not low, because the film  mask enough. In life, our masks are invisible; the film, each person’s bane voice changer mask is embodied.

Bane voice changer mask
I do not know who wearing mask first, cartoon heroes like most like wearing masks, not to show his true colors. Gradually, respected the bad guy also wear a mask. The appearance of Bane cosplay began as a technical content high hijacking, and his shape with mask and abnormity mask manufactured threat level echoes. CIA agent asked him why he always wears a mask, he answer: No one cared who I was until I put on them ask. (Not wearing the mask nobody cares about me is Na Fencing).


To let other people remember you, care about you, usually either let a person like you, or make people scared of you. In order to become someone liking “a green”, Bain chose the latter way, to create fear to let a person remember the purpose. The horror of it is not scary, but in his evil has a strong attraction, can easily incite people to the worst part, and resonate. Therefore, Bain’s loyal even knew that no good end, also to him. Bain’s evil, in the words of Daggett pure evil, which Bain had, no sympathy, is a pure no longer pure villain; shellfish Enzi itself as a necessary evil, meaning: I enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, not evil. I am not for the name, just for the sake of evil a devil, so don’t think money can buy me off, I listen to you. Roland Daggett: I paid you a small fortune… I can give you is not a small sum of… Bane: And you think this gives you power over me? Do you think that I should listen to you? Is so prominent and powerful self proclaimed, is a pure without adding any good “impurity” evil spirit to shout slogans. His evil, and has nothing to do with money, not corruption, is can’t expect the return of the prodigal son. Maybe, it is this trait, so he has a number on him with profound respect and humility but hell-bent die hard.

For such a born in the dark than dark (I was born in it, molded by it) evil spirits, to prosecute him for terrorist purposes has no meaning, because he is a terrorist. He knew, without hope is to be without a truly desperate (I learned here that there can beano true despair without hope), he hopes to the soul of the people (I will feed its people hope to poison their souls), he used the song Tan destruction to destroy Batman’s body and soul, however, you can also surprisingly, he will use the whole body to protect a woman. Under the mask of Bain only see changes in eyes. As he watched his guardian’s woman, the eyes is full of loving you. Then, we understand, love, regardless of whether good or evil, not wearing masks. Face masks, love cannot hide. Mask can have many kinds of expressions, expressions of love is only one? This expression only watches each other people know.

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