Bane Bomber Jacket Popular All Over the World

The Bane bomber jacket has appeared many times in the film, the audience left a deep impression. Now many young people from all over the world like Bane cosplay thus make Bane bomber jacket more and more attention of coser this dress.

Bane Cosplay

Nolan joined Bane made ​​a lot of unrest in the political elements of the terrorist organization’s political side show out. Bane looks more like a terrorist leader revolutionary leader, as Kagemusha Union endured successor master thought. Bane wants to create a “next phase of the Western world,” brought a social revolution.

“Captured the Black Gate Prison,” the release of imprisoned criminals Harvey Dante bill and Hermon prison as a symbol of oppression of the people, this scene is reminiscent of the French Revolution flag incident” storming of the Bastille” , promise Lan according to the blueprint of the French Revolution almost choreographed this period drama.

Bane cosplay

As Bane series of movies are popular over the past two years, Bane the villain character in the movie, also already thorough popular feeling. According to our understanding, we participated in a lot of cosplay parties, in the upcoming Christmas, Bane cosplay certain will appear in the rave party in.

Bane Bomber Jacket

And this Bane bomber jacket exquisite workmanship, the movie looks and costumes are very similar. When you see this jacket, this dress will be sure of the quality and feel. Stay tuned, please!



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  2. This Bane bomber jacket looks so cool, and I want to buy one give my friend as a birthday gift, he is a Big Bane Fan. I think he will like this!


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