Bane Coat Costume

This bane coat costume is own R & D, Seiko production, the most close to orignal role modeling. At the follow photo, you can compare it. We provide this bane  coat costume and bane full suit. The Bane wearing a mask, yellow coat and vest, all we provided.

Bane Coat Costume and Bane Role Model

Bane Coat Costumes

Bane Coat Costume Features

a) Materials: Long White Warm Lamb Plush & Brown Top-Grade PU.
Make you more comfortable while fighting with the Batman.

b) The second version designed by Xcoser team, the most close version to the original coat in TDKR.
Perfect you the muscular Bane cosplay.

c) Detailed improvements in pockets, wristbands, collar and seal line.
Promote you the high-level Bane.

d) Not only for cosplay, but also as your daily costume. One coat, two choice, no money waste.
Save you the thrifty Bane.

detail bane coat costumes

The Amusing Bane TDKR

The figure of Bane is amusing, he always wears his mask, we even could count out how many times he takes his mask down. The truth is the bane mask not only eases his pain of the past, but also is the source of his power.

As the miserable childhood, his character is bestial which mixed with suffering, hatred and Trauma. He was born in darkness, molded by it. He hasn’t seen the light until he was a man. And by then, it was nothing to him but blinding! Bane said: ”The shadows betray you, because they belong to me.” The miserable of his scar even has 3 version when he is arrested in the police office.

batman bane movie

The excuse of Bane’s rebellion is returning the power to the people. The method he applies to seize power is destroy the world. He thinks only by ruining the old one and rebuilding the new one, could the world be in justice. Bane is a vigorous villain hero, attempting to subvert the government and Launched terrorist attacks by gathering mobs in sanitary sewer. The fighting process is so violent that I have to keep my little lady’ eyes off. I just remember that Bane’s last equipment: the denture was knocked down at last.

Everyone’s destiny is different. If he didn’t suffer so many pains, he may be an amusing inventor.

The Movie Batman About Bane Fragment


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