Bane Cosplay Batman Dark Knight Rises The Profound Meaning of the Ending

Bane Cosplay Batman Dark Knight Rises The Profound Meaning of the Ending

Batman: episode iii: dark knight rises, the profound meaning of the ending, you really understand?

If you want to read large Nolan really want to express thoughts, you must first understand the ending. Can say the last minutes of the lens, contains the endless meaning… First of all, “Bruce Wayne Finally didn’t die “if you want to say this is the end of the hidden, that I can only say that you didn’t understand the ending. The following the two bridge may make you think the director finally make a “Bruce Wayne Finally didn’t die “suspense to everyone: 1, the fox finally to repair the bat aircraft autopilot equipment, two engineers said this stuff as early as a few months ago has been Bruce Wayne repair. (this section is just explain why Bruce Wayne not dead) 2, director Gordon found that bats lamp has been repaired, and refreshed. (this actually except that Bruce Wayne was still alive, and another layer of meaning) I want to say “Bruce Wayne didn’t die” this simply nothing suspense, the director finally has made clear the fact. Want to know what Nolan as a director, in the final to Bruce Wayne a positive extreme close-ups, it was already very “luxury”. It is basically equal to the “official” Bruce Wayne didn’t die. So said Bruce Wayne didn’t die in this matter, did not discuss value. The outcome is not the matter of metaphor.

I said I want to read the film is the core idea, must understand the ending. Can say is expected in the last minutes of the essence. Film real core line is “batman is just a symbol, anyone can become batman. There are two more essence and the core words “a kind of spirit, a spirit)”, “a soul, a soul)” that is to say, batman is not specific individuals, it is a kind of spirit a soul! There is no dead deathless concept, can only continue to go down. So, those who say “Bruce Wayne is still alive, but his time batman is dead” this word, obviously is not really understand Nolan to express the core idea. Should say, “Bruce Wayne not dead, he just retired!” The end, not on the subject of death of Bruce Wayne not dead, but the emphasis on “batman” will be passed down.

I said the outcome for below: first of all, Fred o somewhere in Europe when drinking tea in the afternoon, see Bruce Wayne and catwoman selena together. This period not only narrates the Bruce Wayne ending, but also echoed the beginning, between Wayne and Fred o. Remember the content of the quarrel? Fred o think Wayne can no longer be in when batman, his body is unable to bear a superhero, would die if you go on when. While Wayne said he wanted to to live the life of ordinary people with beloved Rachel, but now Rachel died, and he also chose to shy away from the world. And the ending of this lens perfect solved the dispute: Wayne found his new love: cat woman, he can realize his dream: together with the person I love living a life of ordinary people. And Fred except that Wayne is still alive, and also able to wish: less master finally stopped when batman, he is retired. Wayne’s retirement, of course, does not mean that batman has no descendants. Analysis under the front said both sides of the story prove that Bruce Wayne was alive, you will find these points: the first is the above mentioned Gordon found that bats lamp has been repaired this paragraph, think about Bruce Wayne people already in Europe, he repaired the bat lamp? , of course, is that people can easily summon batman, that is to say Wayne knows there will be a batman to help the city, but he is in Europe. Followed by the above mentioned as early as a few months ago the aircraft autopilot was fixed, so why batman insists that the aircraft can only be manned? We all know that is a lie, Wayne want to let people think oneself “dead”, so as to disappear in the line of sight of people. Obviously, Nolan to bedding the beginning of a new ending! This is a surpassing batman comic a new ending!


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