Bane Cosplay: Batman in the Batman Movies

Bane Cosplay: Batman in the Batman Movies

Because Nolan and “Batman” the first two series, “The Dark Knight Rises” is destined to become an encounter numerous interpretation works. “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” is for an adult, “questioning spirit” indoctrination. Violent revolution and social order of the balance, the definition of good and evil, truth and lies borders, and the presence of ambiguity in which the identity of the puzzle

Bane cosplay

As the embodiment of justice, beginning from the first episode of Batman bears uphold justice, to remove the dark forces of responsibility, even in the second episode made a scapegoat for police officers Dent, become common knowledge, nor hinder him in the third focus is still fighting like a passionate young people, although the figure is no longer vigorous, also suffered great harm Brokeback villain Bane eventually be discarded once held his bottomless prison …… In the end, as the superhero piece mode, his death (or suspended animation) has been eulogized the world, to become a “win the world” hero. However, what he has won in this world is? That is his salvation, “Gotham City.” As the villain Bain questioned it, the corruption of “Gotham City” worth you save it? In that city, the police chief Gordon represented the police in order to maintain justice and order, at fabricating lies, to a public right of private, do whatever they want to establish a line of duty rotten police Dent heroic image to appease Gotham citizens, and let Batman afford to destroy the city public security charges. Even in the end, all the truth, Batman can be rehabilitated, but these are almost “lose themselves” for the price. In this focus, face Catwoman and Miranda, Batman is not in his emotional state basic, almost negligible, plainly, his mind is “the world”, not “own” until the end, he remove responsibility after that, he simply said, “everyone can be Batman,” he began looking for “their” go.

As a Nolan type of crime film, in fact, from the beginning of the second episode, the protagonist has not Batman, and in “The Dark Knight”, the clown performances both from the character or completely so bleak Batman, “The Dark Knight rise “Bain although they cannot go beyond a clown, but still overshadowed Batman glory. Why? To some extent, win yourself get better than winning the World emotion recognition. Let’s analyze the motive Bain launch revolutionary mob; devastating act is nothing more than two: one is inherited master – Shadow Master – will, it is to destroy the decadent “Gotham City”, and that he himself has became the leader of the shadow of the Alliance. Another motivation is to shadow the master’s daughter – Miranda. It also exposed the identity of Miranda initiative after we learned. Thus, the movie the way back with a fragment crack suspicions, that in addition to Batman, the first end of the prison can never escape bald child is not Bain, but Miranda. In the prison, killing countless future inmates suffered at Bain gang fights, but also has to protect the little Miranda, is not it a little “Lolita movie” feeling? This is more than the killer is not too cold? He and Miranda, with a total intake out to destroy the world the way to win yourself, it is a love of extreme cold. When I saw Miranda about the past, Bain accumulation of tears in the eyes, the moment of the fall, you feel Batman is no human nature, the biggest villain.

Let us look at another villain – the shadow master. He was seen as similar to al-Qaida’s top man, the first episode, he received Batman as a disciple, ready to use him to achieve the destruction of the great cause, and ultimately unsuccessful and died, he eventually put this arduous task to another apprentice, is now the villain Bane, we can say, the third episode is the name of the banner of justice and evil once mutual withal fellow. And it is such a person, to the beloved woman, was sunk into the bottomless prison. But true love is manifested, with their life for each other’s life. Masters beloved woman with self-sink approach prisons in exchange for the freedom of the master. In prison, she gave birth to a female child Miranda.

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