Bane Cosplay Batman Reading Dassical Music in the Trailer

Bane Cosplay Batman Reading Dassical Music in the Trailer

1. “batman: the dark knight rises” Gotham ‘s Reckoning “: black revolution symphony of Gotham dark knight just accustomed to the darkness, but was born in the darkness, and grew up in the darkness of the bain is fully integrated with the darkness. Is different from the diffuse marvel comic, DC’s cartoons with the conservatism of dense color. Gotham (both New York City) is the highest degree in the development of capitalism of the world’s cities, at the same time the hero batman’s true identity is one of the biggest capitalists in the city. Highly developed sometimes also means that the height of the rigid with the height of the decay. Quietly near a “people’s revolution”, and “Gotham ‘s Reckoning, is the so-called” people’s revolution “symphony. But some revolution itself has a fatal limitation, the aim of the revolution is to overthrow the corrupt and rigidity of the old system, build a more progress, new system more perfect and more humanized, rather than through violence and lies to achieve some personal desires, more should not be pure destruction and extinction. The Gotham ‘s Reckoning “is actually a black revolution symphony. The Gotham ‘s Reckoning, “the dark knight rises trailer music begins from 01:00

2. “the extraordinary spider-man” Brand X Music – Emanation: the dynamic swaying melody alley-oop flight and the first person of the type of 3 d vision can make the audience to enjoy the thrilling sensation like bungee jumping. In Hollywood, spider-man is one of the most dynamic, the youth and the most rich vigor of super hero, the British director Christopher Nolan, took over after batman, “the dark knight” and “the dark knight rise, and diffuse Disney bought marvel comic, spider-man is Hollywood’s most box-office appeal of the super hero. Different type of alley-oop flight and first-person 3 d visual effect to make the audience to enjoy the thrilling sensation like a bungee jumping. Spider-man’s life-saving rope can at the moment of falling audience is about to hit the ground start; Can fly in the sky of the audience is about to hit the moment to start of tall buildings, can also in monster sharp talons will cut throat moment start audience. “Music – Emanation Brand X”, “extraordinary spider-man trailer Music start 00:28

3. “harry potter and the deathly hallows” Absolute Anthropoid “: ultimate end moment ten years ten years feud grievances, also is in this song when the Absolute Anthropoid” accompanied down an ultimate end. Harry potter and his combat magic is not necessarily the world first, but I’m sure his gold magic is unsurpassable. In the past ten years, harry potter with his invincible magic altogether make billions of dollars. Only in the field of film, both at the box office, DVD/blu-ray and surrounding a piece of a piece of sold as many as tens of billions of dollars. Harry potter and the deathly hallows is the end of the suction gold Lord. The Absolute Anthropoid “grand shock melody signals a spanning 10 years of enmity is about to take a break. Between good and evil, between harry potter and voldemort, or even like harry potter and the hate harry potter fans and enmity between the ten years, also is in this song when the Absolute Anthropoid “accompanied down an ultimate end. The Absolute Anthropoid “harry potter and the deathly hallows trailer music start 01:30

4. “inception,” the Mind Heist “: dream hard, harder to planting dream! Dream, is to enter a person’s dreams to implant an idea, to be rooted dreamer music planting dream employers want to make the decision very carefully, as if the beginning of even fear it is too big to wake a sleeping dream and stolen dream. Headed by leonardo dicaprio professional groups usually do dream is dream, both into someone’s dream to steal their employers need information. But a failure action will force the dream group to the brink of destruction, in order to save life on the brink of destruction, they decided to accept a bigger challenge, this task is more difficult, because they are going to plant a dream, is to enter a person’s dreams to implant an idea, to be rooted dreamer planting dream what employers want to make decision. In order to complete the task, they need to dream in a dream, a dream in the dream dream, a dream, a dream in the dream to continue dreaming. The Mind Heist “inception trailer

5. “fighter”, “Audiomachine Reaching” : struggle of fighter, contemplation of the fighter, the dilemma of fighter, fighter Micky have a half brother and half sister. He addicts brother Dicky was once a professional boxer. His sisters is basic it is unmarriageable, only in the home into the unemployed older women. And, of course, his mother Alice, as a parent, she know home the only Micky to earn money for the family. Micky, though often give yourself trouble, but also his childhood idol and enlightenment teacher, brother always trust at an early age and take good care of yourself at the same time, but also proud of myself. And heavy family pressure let Micky has to play a few games that there is no possibility to win (by weight). Until one day, Micky know a new girlfriend, Charlene, he told Micky this is his game, this is his life, should make decision by himself. Micky start meditation, affection and love to give him warmth and rely on, but at the same time also let stuck in a dilemma. The Audiomachine Reaching “trailer for” the fighter “music start 00:55.

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