Bane Cosplay: Batman the Dark Knight Rises Above the City’s Law Enforcers

Bane Cosplay: Batman the Dark Knight Rises Above the City’s Law Enforcers

bane cosplay


Nolan brothers version of batman actually has nothing to do with batman, should be referred to as the trilogy “XiaYing mystery/war moment” (BB) “the dark knight” (TDK) “the dark knight rises (TDKR). General superhero movie is the most easy to let a person remember the superhero itself, such as iron man, the incredible hulk, even is not very famous super daredevils, however in Nolan superhero, bell played batman is far from shadow fighters, scarecrow, clowns, bain gives the impression of deep. Nolan is wearing a silver batman’s coat to sell themselves to grow, the legal system, social ideal, and so on some motif of human thinking, as for whether the carrier is batman, is no longer important. The dark knight rises is let a person look forward to because of the summer of 2008 “the dark knight” crazy, villain clown actor heath ledger after finishing the depression died because of a large number of sleeping pills, it is precisely this song the glorious achievement of “the dark knight”, almost all people will unconsciously shout after the movie “the clown’s great”, and because the tempo of story is too tight to let a person from a clown playing all taut nerve until the end of the film, chutzpah to express pleasure and thinking of the film would have to say that for the next set of expect sudden surge of hormone. So, you want to take the dark knight rises compared to “the dark knight”, can only say not disappointed, TDK pull superhero movie on the altar, but TDKR put it back again, and BB echo. The growth of the BB is to focus on the theme of the batman and Bruce Wayne how to overcome the fear into anarchy of law enforcers. This function outward TDK, prefer to the theme of the rules, Bruce Wayne and batman, Rachel, Harvey dent, clown respectively according to their own rules, legal system both inside and out is being challenged. TDKR is a XX, the theme of this and occupy Wall Street is somewhat similar, when society 99% 99% of the wealth in people’s hands, XX must be. Here, in fact, batman, bain, cats are like women, although different purpose, but a means to achieve the purpose of the same. For batman, he is the owner of Gotham’s biggest fortunes, instinctively to produce a return to society sense of responsibility, so he go back to do charity, society through good mediation between the rich and the poor, though not necessarily have wealth, but at least is everyone have a meal at the warm society, this is Wayne family ideal, Bruce Wayne not only such, batman. For catwoman selena, kyle, washing is the purpose of criminal record to regain her life, but she means to achieve the purpose of stealing, no shame, but the difference is she can’t rob rich hides, unconsciously is doing the mediation of social distribution. The villain bain although carry the shadow dancer union mission to destroy evil, but his mask is give power back to the people, the so-called return the rights to the people, also is the leather off a handful of molecules of political, economic, superior life, this is the way out of the people.

Inequality problem is pushed out again. So said three people have in common, the difference is objective, bain and batman to two extremes, a hope, maintain the city’s legal justice, although he did it himself outside, he put the law based on lies. The other is full of despair, when the evil can no longer be an unbounded wash to, must be destroyed. This is precisely the history of the two way, some believe that the people are the makers of history, is the main force of maintaining history, and some believe the history of the unknown, full of mysterious, like in shadow fighters alliance undetected destroyed much of her sin city without being noticed. , of course, the proposition about TDKR is far from only the above is not precise, Nolan movie dialogue is very important, has a detail in each round of dialogue, a detail is a proposition. Say in the BB, Bruce Wayne and Rachel conversation in the car, Rachel gave Wayne slap, is talking about the conflict between private life and the rule of law, justice, Bruce Wayne’s personal hatred, revenge is just look, also accord with audience’s psychology, but you are defiance of the law, as provocative law occurs, also has become the criminal justice itself. Followed by Harvey dent (two-face) originally from daylight, envy of everyone in the TDK justice angel into the embodiment of evil, but it take the blame for batman, because the city needs a symbol which is the symbol of legal justice, Harvey dent, as always was the angel of Gotham, even he also failed to disregard. So when bain storming of the prison, and tell everyone actually Harvey law is based on deception, just can have this sudden anger. Legal justice was replaced by the hoax, up. Besides, Bruce Wayne’s fear, Bruce Wayne in the BB to overcome the fear eventually became the law enforcers of batman above the city. In TDKR, Wayne was sent to prison in bain climb out of the cave, incredibly because of fear of power, Wayne’s fear come from? Before a fear is uesd to fall into the bat cave, for fear of bats, and often does good parents are killed by Gotham SINS, Wayne and the fear of evil, only overcome this, he can become batman, BB, Bruce Wayne one to find the ringleader in falco, say that they are not afraid of him, in fact, sometimes the more say not afraid, the more he was afraid. Into the TDKR, fear from death itself, batman has always said he was not afraid dead, he is really not afraid dead, because his heart cool cool since the clown, I saved the city finally became the city’s most wanted, heart already despair, just climbed out of the cave you have to be afraid of death, only when you have a fear of death, you will cherish own life, only you cherish his own life, you can carefully climb, climb out of the valley of death. This is the two batman fear.

On this episode, Marion cotillard plays Miranda finally inversion is abrupt, actually is not abrupt, if carefully slice, will find reversal reflects Nolan band is safe. Detail place when director Gordon can’t find the person of the truck, to assist in nuclear device volunteered and Miranda is her help Gordon found a truck, but when Gordon climbed up to install equipment to open the door when it is empty. Can the evidence is not a good man, Miranda finally reverse when the children you know Miranda is climbed out of the cave, and then back to Miranda took over Wayne enterprises, and entered into the fox control is the most important Arsenal know nuclear device, but also learn how to eradicate nuclear volatilization from fox, all this is deliberate, so the inversion not abrupt, rather subtle, guess bain’s accomplice Miranda is easy, guess she is a master endured the children really difficult! And with the problem of Joseph, he is () with the minions of batman, robin will be more next batman, he went to the bat cave, completely is Bruce Wayne being batman to repeat itself. See “extraordinary spider-man is the punchline and pleasure, but I still feel the role of spider-man too easy, like a dream to have a super ability, can be used to be seen, to pick up women, to revenge, etc., but also easy to uniform the lizard. Batman: episode iii: dark knight rises, on the other hand, Nolan in pursuit of realism, makes the batman didn’t superpowers, but sophisticated equipment, although beauty left over right, but no one is true love, even be beating bain, endure hardship, more realistic, rise from the dark. By contrast, I prefer the batman, at this age, realized that dream can no longer afford to do. Bain P.S. favorite line: you just hide in the dark, and I live in the darkness. The most touching scene: Gordon director want to know who is the batman finally, batman told him, “have you ever give a little boy put on a coat in a dilemma, director Gordon instantly understand Bruce Wayne is batman. (contrast Sam raimi spider-man 2 spider-man is wants to let his beloved girlfriend know that I am spider-man and tried to cover up the fact that psychological struggle, finally and doctor octopus, real identity to his girlfriend know) see the IMAX P.P.S., before “ha seven” and see the IMAX, found that because of the ha seven comparing to the pseudo 3 d and IMAX, let me in addition to the countdown to the opening of the IMAX 3 d is the most striking, other similar to ordinary hall. TDKR Nolan was 70 minutes again using IMAX camera filming the scene, the feeling of the IMAX is, shock to detonation lonely elder brother, even with differential seats, can even see the actor’s face on the screen. IMAX to see the last war, absolutely is the ultimate enjoyment, is absolutely exciting, absolutely is to see the time thinking about the second time.
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