Bane Cosplay: Batman the Dark Knight Rises Expected and Unexpected

Bane Cosplay: Batman the Dark Knight Rises Expected and Unexpected

Batman this cartoon the earliest dates back to the 1940 s, so a surface is extremely wealthy playboy, actually rescue superhero is popular today. I think most of the domestic fans (myself included) in this trilogy Nolan was born before understanding of batman is not thorough, investigate its reason, or it doesn’t like spider-man that resonate with, distance too far. But Nolan is that the cow force in his principles of realism from beginning to end and nature science thinking, completed to batman’s new deconstruction, to get rid of rescuing exaggerated performance, make the batman has unprecedented sense of reality and depth. First “XiaYing mystery” did not completely from the original comic style, whether it’s shadow fighters union god unreal colour or the strong sense of science at the center of the train and realistic society is far, but Nolan cut heroes to the ordinary people the practice of equal position, for the whole series of realism foundation. It is because the first perfect matting, finally makes “the dark knight” a masterpiece on business and the art of perfect fusion, of course it also cannot leave the acting like heath ledger that sublime, Nolan has thoroughly changed the pattern of the superhero movie and way of thinking. The third because of the action with special significance of epic end, make fans to maximize the enjoyment on the visual images, and depth of human nature to explore and will no doubt be less. So here I will put emphasis on the whole story, rather than the film conveys ideas and reflect the social phenomenon. Because I always think only through a movie ’cause the viewer is not the same thinking is the real good works.

From the plot structure, the dark knight rises obviously is divided into two parts, the first part is about the batman back again and again, the second part is the real blossom of the batman and eventually retreat. It also condemned the film without “the dark knight” the same kind of pleasure, but epic massiness undoubtedly be promoted greatly. Almost all of the movie plot is all about batman the four journey to arrange and conduct, the degree of careful script had to be impressive. This to me before the film was expected, after all it is exhausted Nolan ten years to build the diablo epic saga. Unexpected comes on the second half of the big reversal plot and Nolan ingenious use of narrative montage, because these two points in “the dark knight” is not in the traditional linear narrative structure. End the former is embodied in the film for the crucial big reversal of solid details (not spoiler) here, this is my second time in concept has been gradually found in the movie. In deliberately mislead the audience to create tension this point, and Nolan’s “the prestige” has the same effect. The latter is due to the film from the inception of grafting Nolan mature scene scheduling ability and outstanding montage. All this makes the film seem so charming and shock.

The most splendid art of the dark knight rise an action scenes, is undoubtedly the middle batman and bain fight scenes that fall into the meat. In the face of strong attack bain, batman cannot cope, no chance of winning. Batman took disadvantageous because at the moment, he did not grasp the essence, is that fear is a good thing, it will bring you an unprecedented power. Nolan with plenty of space to embody the batman’s big end, thus appeared the film’s most struck me the episode of the mind. But the whole movie the most let me have a boiling passion of a scene is batman first chase was the return of the king, together with Hans zimmer soul-stirring music of foil, almost the whole people to rose from his seat! Say again the characters, bell of batman’s interpretation in place as the first two, but it seems that most of the time covered the upper face he wants to play acting is really too difficult, the first two of three doyen Gary oldman, Michael caine, Morgan freeman’s performance are expected, small part, but all give prize. Put aside other details don’t say, you’ll find in the main line is actually only by four roles to promote the development of narrative, batman, catwoman selena, bain and Miranda (sorry cerf character set is a kind of more the inheritance and symbolizes the birth of a new hero of justice, not decided effect to the main plot development). Nolan for bain and Miranda on the two characters already enough plump delicate, complex relationships between them are also perfectly logical, but still I feel poor relief, may be scenes of the characters are too balanced, to some extent, limits the Tom hardy and winner cotillard’s performance. But hathaway is the edition catwoman in my surprise, even without any background, her brilliant deduction of role mood just right, alternately charm and fierce, even Obama, after watching the compliment.

Finally I want to the following this paragraph is not my words to be better, because it spoke our feelings: “when ten years later, even one hundred years later, people still remember there was a call Christopher Nolan’s British people like its predecessor Hitchcock created a Duan Guangying legend; people will remember a trilogy, called batman as heroes to write down a whole new meaning! This memory may not be perfect, but it is new, is always not old. We appreciate Nolan, thank him for his we created a so fascinating dream!” In general, the dark knight rises is undoubtedly a very complete experience with the final curtain call, but most of the time are expected, here I just hope Nolan’s next work will let us a surprise.

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