Bane Cosplay: How Great The Dark Knight Rises is

Bane Cosplay: How Great The Dark Knight Rises is

“The Dark Knight Rises” Obviously let Nolan “Batman” series has become a huge blockbuster, but the strength of the film itself does not seem to audience expectations then God, Part One more exciting is an indisputable fact. “Complexity” is or “Mystery Color” did not let the emotions of the audience not only to further expansion, but just the opposite to the expectations of the audience had a hearty marathon, received only meters hurdles final, the last a fierce street fighting but also because of changes in the participants, resulting in not only excitement I feel I do not know so do not come and, in Bane’s momentum has been removed that moment, I received, my God, how could this be? So I kept questioning myself: I am a master of the cards between the moments it is difficult to understand! I hope so.

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Overly critical praise and criticism will only bring more glory for the film, next year’s Academy Awards, or the final total box office could not shake his place in the hearts of “bat powder”, captured the audience also included me , the excitement of the film lies in the emotional power of his release, the plot with the front bipartite exquisite combination of three scenes scheduling is most concentrated, only for the achievements Gotham City’s hero Bruce Wayne, the whole family down, he no longer looks like a fictional character, is more like ordinary people in flesh and blood, will experience difficulties and temper, can withstand the failure of the attempt is successful, but much more than the average person with an indomitable spirit of the people’s souls . The “Batman” is just a synonym for nothing. Bruce Wayne’s mental state from the bottom to the rise of a strong experienced by various state, the film gives more emotional power to create, butler Fu Bruce deepest expectations of the most harsh, explicit verbal expression, but also on behalf of the voice of the audience, the film made a perfect echo back and forth on this point Fu, Michael – Kane’s role has become an essential element; new role Anne – Hathaway plays Cabwoman and Joseph – Gordon – Levin Witt played by the police not only enriched the whole story, it will Nob entire series. Cabwoman really makes too sexy, sultry, and the ambiguous nature of Batman scenes full of provocative and highly personal, driving the Bat mobile circumstances, trailer let men spray nosebleed, but unfortunately too few, and the role will definitely be increased. With a tearful appeal for Batman, very impressed the audience, but also led to the rise of Batman gesture. As Levitt, he is simply busy bloom in the film, read the first pass look at the second time of the audience, will particularly pay attention to this figure, the outcome will be exciting.

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Villain Bane momentum violent nature can and clown contend, Bane release is deterrence; while the main clown is so charming (personally do not like to make unnecessary comparisons). By watching subtitles audience is concerned, Bane’s voice is indeed very tough wins, Nolan always arrange his voice faster than his stature to step into the scene, the camera is also much lower body position and sideways position to fight to Ban well, that looks unassuming but including his grim mask, this effect is great, Tom Hardy and do not require any vocal expression on the success of the role, and I believe Bane manufacture chaos and his brutal political thinking has been greatly increase the realm of the characters, but in the end turned out to be •••, seems to have become someone else’s wedding dress, to be honest that I’m not very flattering arrangement, and wanted to resentment. This is what I think the movie’s most fly in the ointment. …… My second time to see it IMAX version, do not say next, apparently more into play. Hans Jib ink magnificent soundtrack, so the mood of the audience reached high ground, which sets the soundtrack add a lot of chanting, like Batman owns the rise in respiratory thousand square became impossible possible, chanting also symbolizes the people of Batman’s voice. Master’s soundtrack has also become a key factor look at it. The last phase of his movie with some lyrical soprano away “Batman”, with a period of steady four-four beat of electronic drums usher Bruce Wayne, but this is precisely the drums used in the past, Batman comes the night signboard drums when the drums sound more intense, showing in front of the audience, I think is to give Batman fans the best gift is to give the best outcome Batman should, ah, yes, a strong reluctantly, difficult hard feelings from abandoned enveloped me, the movie though perfect curtain call, but it will continue to accompany us forward, let us in life and “Batman” shoulder to shoulder. Christopher – Nolan may not make another, but this series is certainly not finished…… PS: In order to write this, I have two consoles did not open late, very suffering! The friend said he would listen to the election tonight, “Barcelona,” then I’m still “Manchester United” it. This does not, we agreed time is up.

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