Bane Cosplay Navarre Talk About Batman Photography Creation

Bane Cosplay Navarre Talk About Batman Photography Creation

Tile ray, Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan’s own photographer navarre (Christopher Nolan) -, (Wally Pfister) talked about about batman movie photography creation. Origin “when Chris told me that he want to do for the first time the batman movie, I do a bit of a shock, because we just finished/memory fragments (rzhetsky) and Insomnia (Insomnia), I thought we will continue to do some similar style is a little black detective film. At that time I don’t know this is Chris want batman! Of course, the beginning I also said,” really? A superhero movie? “To be honest, I am really interested in this type is not very big, I’m not a superhero fan, I like to do some plain film. But at the same time, Chris and I have a lot of common sense again, like we all like kubrick film, so I know whether we take over what kind of subject matter, he is sure to find something to…… what makes style before we continue, then it happens. I think I am read batman script in the autumn of 2003, at that time really was shocked Chris’s idea. The size of the movie is pretty scary and budget, but we soon started casting, we are please to Gary Oldman (Gary Oldman), and Freeman (Freeman), and of course Christian (Christian), really exciting.” Keep it real “this film when I follow the style of films before Chris, is to keep it real, let the light appear more natural. My field observation method is to go to different city building materials and light, like Chicago and London, looking for inspiration to shape the style in the movie. I noticed when I was in Chicago, natrium lamp of orange light, the light looks very real and very simple sense, so I set out to test in the type of environment to capture that style. This testing throughout the entire work on stage, finally the present visual effects in the movie is descended from there.”

Action! “In the first Batman film, we have a few major action of the play. We took some in [of insomnia] gunsight, but obviously not [XiaYing mystery] (Batman Begins) this level of. Really, the most enjoyable, Chris told he will personally directed all the action scenes, the second group. And don’t seem crazy, but in fact, Chris and I think if you want other people to direct action scenes that is really crazy. That’s what Chris said to the company, if I want to please other people to action, why I want to take an action movie? I couldn’t agree more. I have been involved in a second group director of the film, to tell you the truth, they have a half time was performed at the request of the first group of directors. Sometimes if film directors are not satisfied, they want to remake again, waste a lot of money. Chris how stupid, fully understand the system so hands-on is a major point of view, he is I completely agree with you.” Combination of Yin and Yang “but we didn’t realize that is the way we shoot produced a kind of balance, because we seldom dialogue first week to shoot those who created great action scenes, and next week we are going to shoot with dialogue literature. The crew produced a really wonderful combination of Yin and Yang, the actor, director and the balance of the whole group is great. Even if there are very few directors to do it. [XiaYing mystery] shooting Chris was proved not only to the company within a week you can personally control action scenes, but also can keep shooting schedule, finally we also continued the tradition of Nolan film, filming for the expected, not over budget. Working with Chris really let I learned a lot, though I might be better than he experienced. For many years before I was some directly on the audio and video market garbage movie, I catch up on churning out for 18 days progress is very good also, but those who are junk. So I am to help him understand something such as shooting action films, but he obviously has its own understanding.” [Dark Knight] “we are both very, very like [XiaYing mystery], but personally, are still a little romantic style, I may be a bit conservative on the vision. Although we have been trying to seek more texture visual style, I still have a responsibility to help the company to film do more atmosphere more scale it. Anyway, I still think [XiaYing mystery] style will look forward to of have a little different with the audience. When we do [Dark Knight] (Dark Knight), I already have a very clear idea, that is well we can bold to do what we want to do!”

More light and bright “along with the advancement of series, film need sunlight is also more and more. That’s because Chris hated at night. Night scene when shooting [XiaYing mystery] at the beginning, in the end or at the end of a string of exterior night scene, and it is the day in the dean, a stage in a scene. In the film the role of these only at night is always challenge, because you need to arrange and assign a shot time. We started to ask myself, why must the night scenes? In fact, Chris also found a reasonable explanation to day theatre scene. [dark knight] in which a lens into the landscape of the day is the Heath ledger trial (Heath Ldeger) of the scene. This scene from the beginning of the night, then we have to turn on the lights. Basically, before Chris to the visual effect of batman already very satisfied, then I said, I how to create a more bright environment, really, really very bright environment? Let batman to turn on the lights and began to torture. Chris like this idea very much, I think it is the first time we have created a brighter environment for batman.” To the next level “in the Dark Knight rise] (Dark Knight Rises), Chris pushed the idea that” light “to go to the next level. Mama of, let’s batman get out, get the capacious and bright day street scene from bain slaughtered (Bane). This is basically a third style. During the day on location has more more to see. I mean, you can see in the trailer like a football field blasting, it is one of the big hands and feet in the movie. Bain the scene we used several genius in Pittsburgh. I always think of [Dark Knight] is that the burning fire, it was very cold. I think Chris and his brother really know if used with elements of American culture, let the audience to face aggressive chill. Think of the past six years, 911 incident as a burning fire engines to show… I think Chris often break the iconic American elements to show the evil of the wicked. Similarly, damage such as NFL football stadium is full of symbolic things is to shock the audience.” Political “obviously are going to Wall Street photography is in search of a chord. I mean, Chris clearly before the start of the” occupy Wall Street “movement in the early time completes the scene of the play. He seldom show her political stance, his each film are so, I think he’s point of view in this respect vague is deliberate. Maybe he really just tell a story with no political stance or ideas. I’m pleased, because people always try to find your point of view or position. But they are not exist! At least not in the movie. Chris likes to throw doubt to the audience, then let them decide his own answer. If you go and ask him, he will smile, shrug let you keep thinking about.”

IMAX “we haven’t into the digital age, nor into the era of 3 d, my car is steam driven. In this regard, Chris and my point of view has never changed. This allows you to take digital film pressure there are five or six years, so my view still drives me make another film film is the power of simple sense, I’m not ready to let companies convince yourself after a terrible processing digital cameras. For me, this is a kind of artistic value of the conflict, the ‘company to support a particular technology so artists are going to use a specific tool, this is obviously not a good reason. In fact, Chris and I have found that the film image of high quality, are not we go to calculate how many megapixels can render. Compared with digital camera, a greater tolerance of film. On the other hand, the impact of the IMAX has is unparalleled. We are always feeling, also can prove, IMAX can give audience endless telepresence, it is not 3 d and 3 d effect can than! [dark knight] has 28 minutes were taken with IMAX, lens to [the dark knight rise] IMAX lens has been more than an hour. To tell you, this is really abnormal condition!”


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