Bane Cosplay: The Batman Trilogy by Nolan is so Amazing

Bane Cosplay: The Batman Trilogy by Nolan is so Amazing

Bane cosplay

The Batman trilogy prequel than other comic book hero movie, one chip, the key lies in the film contest between justice and evil, and by extension, to think of human nature, which is a main theme throughout the trilogy, but also Nolan excels. Wayne’s first world full of fear of evil, in order to overcome fear, his depth of criminals trying to understand their psychology, but in his heart discovered the existence of evil, he hopes to use violent means of revenge for his father until this by Batman identity, he recognized the power of might and justice; into the second Gotham City has become wicked city, the collapse of the legal system, the Dark Knight outside the sheriff on behalf of procedural justice and law alongside Gordon, speaks for itself incompetent legal system clown just like Satan incarnate, he and Batman tit for tat, strongly inspired his inner evil, Batman perpetuity, because as a normal individual, the existence of evil in his heart factor, when procedural justice has never been able to stop the evil will of its doubt, the potential evil factor is easily crushed under the walls of the outbreak of justice incite the forces of darkness, who sided Harvey agreed with clown logic, regardless of procedural justice ultimately to violence with violence, the second part of the reason why the three -steps the most exciting, precisely because Batman is no longer a hero to occupy the moral high ground, but ordinary people like us, defect, so he adhered to and reverence for life for justice, are better for humanity powerful side belief; third continue in-depth on this topic, when Wayne property lost, flesh torn apart, behind bars lose their freedom, he has only belief is to challenge Wayne Bain faith, when everything is owned by Wayne outside world have lost, faith in the end be able to support him go far? If the first episode of Batman to overcome the outside world through justice and inner fears of evil, then the film Batman is looking for strength in fear, fear of death, to destroy the evil effects caused by fear, inspired him get over fear of force to stop this destruction effects. So when Batman finally sacrifice their individual heroism curtain call is completed, the conviction can support a person has completed the length of life, this is a very romantic and idealistic view. Trilogy questioned procedural justice finally came heritage by Robin Hood, suggesting a new round of good and evil battle has begun. Hope “Justice League” smooth shooting, we can see the Dark Knight the fight for justice!

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