Bane Cosplay: The Legendary Dark Knight Rise Perfect End

Bane Cosplay: The Legendary Dark Knight Rise Perfect End

With the advent of the summer in July, especially to the mainland fans “flat powder” batman fans crazy unbearable, heat is not hot, but not the first time to meet the batman the seventh time the baptism of the chaotic city. Fortunately I have great of “one country, two systems”, made the global synchronization to watch “TDKR” (” the dark knight rise “English abbreviation), is no longer a luxurious dream. In view of the TDKR unfathomable mainland, more worried about a chainsaw (x x bureau) bad workmanship could damage Nolan the appearance of the original as a crazy flat powder Kim, finally is not rational made a special trip to Hong Kong to a smell TDKR, “head of incense. To save everyone’s time, or the conclusion directly to the front, the elder brother said only three: conclusion 1: good news, “TDKR” will definitely not cut log in big screen on the mainland, flat powder stable mood, please wait patiently; Conclusion 2: “the TDKR” and “TDK (dark knight), the overall level, as a new Nolan, not beyond, but also won’t disappoint flat powder; Conclusion 3: Nolan has repeatedly declared the TDKR will completely farewell after batman’s world, the TDKR itself will bring the most convincing proof.

Trivia: viewing tip is strongly recommended that before enjoy the TDKR, review again the BB (XiaYing mystery) and “TDK”, because the TDKR several key plot arises from two gameplay. In fact Nolan team in “the dark knight trilogy” spend nearly 10 years of effort, become an organic whole to trilogy, with Mrs Nolan and imperial producer Emma Thomas’s words, “the trilogy of perfect, just like a long version of the conventional film”. So some of the clues in the TDKR, early lies in “BB” and “TDK”, waiting for the TDKR will eventually trilogy seamless docking. TDKR running time 164 minutes, even if deduct at the end of the piece of card subtitles, positive film length is still more than two and a half hours. If the admission ticket, be sure to keep sufficient spirit, filling and emptying the bladder. Some theaters chill, then also note cold warm. As for the flat powder most concerned about, the release of mainland TDKR will encounter with a chainsaw, basically can put eighty heart. Because did not appear in the “TDKR” anything to do with me towards the element, the elder brother really can not find to the TDKR, and the necessity and the possibility of moving blade or even kill. The erratic schedule, the estimate is purely commercial issue concerns, review the chainsaw. Finally clear, due to the mainland of scheduling in river lake top filled with a strange atmosphere, some fans ducking TDKR information, even regard “spoiler” fierce in tiger, I think don’t need to. Although Nolan to narrative skill, while in “the dark knight trilogy” he did not show off skills, but adopts the traditional commercial movie narrative method, details the characters of the shaping and atmosphere of rendering. In other words, the TDKR is neither “inception,” nor “memory fragments”, suspense of the story is not too strong, even if a spoiler won’t cause too big effect to the movie. You know, the biggest Nolan trilogy charm, is not the story itself, but lies in the ability to tell a story. PS: the following content will inevitably appear man through and through, spoilers, this allergy classmates please detour, don’t pack mail. Last: no surprise (cubs, please be careful!) Nolan works in recent years has a characteristic, is the “rear” title card company, from the “BB” to “TDK” to “TDKR, even inception, title shall be at the end of the positive and card company are rendered. This way of opening straight cut theme in foreplay lengthy Hollywood was very rare, have gradually become the habit of Nolan’s action. The problem is, the limitation to the rear “title”, and “TDKR is self-defeating. Because of the rise of “the dark knight” is neither a summarized of the whole story, nor is it a film conception of abstraction, as the title, or appearance before the feature is more appropriate. Back to the film itself, the outline of the TDKR is still a superhero theme type “evil triumphs over”, Nolan is not disruptive

From lust “BB” to “TDK” Nolan to grasps the Stoic attitude, let alone bed scene in the film, even kiss are very moderate. Nolan shot by Wayne, in love is a tragic figure, batman dark identity tends to become the biggest obstacle to his feelings road, especially in Gotham city still need batman, he flatly daring not to accept a true love. But in the TDKR Nolan must break the lust, let down Wayne in the rain on the younger sister paper, fire rises sheet rolled up, bell chest also light up, at this moment, the elder brother almost thought the jinling thirteen women possessed. Have to say, the bed scene some abrupt, and Nolan of perseverance, and little significance to the promoting of the plot. Next: no regrets (tiger infested, shielding, please! Criticizing the TDKR in the previous chapter, because “TDK” Nolan has set the new peak of commercial films, couldn’t help make flat powder’s expectations of the TDKR natural increase. In fact, “TDKR” and “TDK” in the overall level is quite close, to say the outcome with each other, looking forward to the TDKR in four years before full beyond, is not fair to Nolan. Nolan knew that the success of “TDK” cannot be copied, to make “the dark knight trilogy” perfect end, you must break the superhero and comic adaptation of the traditional architecture. Realism is the creation of the “the dark knight trilogy”, from “BB” to “TDK” and even “TDKR, the most realistic rather than weakening wind, dazzle has intensified as the typhoon. In a sense, “the dark knight trilogy” is for the original comic, Nolan just draw batman comic book character and spirit, but try to weaken the strong style of cartoon colour. Eventually appear on the big screen in the dark knight, not like a comic book, and not like a super hero, but in the real world of flesh and blood of civilians.

In TDKR is the civilians in batman reveal to the extreme, after eight years of lonely waiting, Wayne’s “Gao Shuai rich” image, not only the family industry crisis, and the aging body scarred. At this moment, if continue to acquire the batman as “TDK”, against the forward more wins the clown’s terrorist groups bain, obviously too dramatic. To fit the situation that the batman fighting capacity, Nolan deliberately reduce appearances, “batman” in more than two and a half hours of running time, the whole body cool bulletproof raincoat just appeared three times! The significance of batman, is no longer alone and to face the evil, the symbol of a more evolved to motivate people. Under the excitation of batman, justice camp forces become stronger, in addition to the sidekick, the three musketeers (Gordon, fox and ah fu), also an enemy’s cat is female, heroic blood Blake, even three thousand Gotham police, have become a necessary element, make up for the batman fighting capability of inadequate power to maintain and bain camps quite confrontational. Unlike playing the clown, the TDKR villain bain is a purpose of revolutionaries, he grasps a cult terrorism, advocated by destroying for rebirth, through tried to win the sublimation. The extreme and distorted view of the world, and David fincher “fight club”, although the way they rebuild the world recognized by the audience, but they can rebuild the motives of the world is more or less accepted by the audience. When bain beat batman, he did not destroy the symbol of justice, but he was imprisoned in the vitality of the remaining days in mind, let Wayne nirvana reborn. When bain trapped Gotham police, conveniently destroyed the forces of justice, nor did he but pipe eat drink to save the life of the police, let the outside world to carry out the rescue. When bain control Gotham city, he still didn’t immediately to destroy the whole city, but deliberately provides several days of rejuvenation stage, let the inside and outside the implementation of the rescue plan. Therefore, bain is not so much to destroy Gotham, than it is for Gotham and Wayne a cruel. If they can survive from the trials, so only too delighted to accept the Gotham bain independent sublimation; If they are not able to redeem themselves, bain can only use nuclear bombs to “help” elder brother Tan Chongsheng. If “TDK” clown wins in personal charm (form), then the TDKR bain is wins in the philosophy of religion (god), has the excellences having a unique style.

Under bane cosplay domineering sliding sideways terrorist activities, but also raises a proposition worth Gotham ponder: we need the batman? The TDKR in batman’s debut for the first time, is full of sad and helpless… Facing echoes the dark knight and rob stock exchange terrorists, the police resolutely letting bain easy escape, but the batman surrounded on the overpass, the moment the batman froze, nosering phooey transfixed, the audience also froze. Extremely rare, batman to help the pour Gotham city! Batman’s second appearance, it is in the sewer and bain, the ruthless suggests that a batman can’t save the Gotham. The second half of the meaningful of the film, when Wayne was imprisoned after days, batman from the screen off completely, the Gotham city is no longer dependent on batman, but efforts to attempt to save his life. Actually really need Gotham city, not batman, nor bain, but honest and fair hopeful harmonious society! Gotham surmount beat bain camp together with batman, is a sign of Gotham city return to harmony, and batman thoroughly the timing of retirement. , therefore, is not so much a Nolan in TDKR farewell after batman, Wayne hope Nolan than don’t come back, don’t make Gotham into another disaster, not batman, his brother, Gotham is Wayne wants to see the most sustained harmonious beautiful hometown! Although the villain bain’s performance space constrained, fortunately supporting two new great, even as the TDK, scenes of embarrassing dent. Catwoman role Settings, also are also evil identity thieves, juggle between justice and evil, on the one hand, her heart is good, on the one hand, she is willing to trade with bain in exchange for a new life. Of course, more important is that Nolan trilogy finally embrace the beautiful younger sister paper of a live up to the audience. Blood police Blake is needless to say, early he help to replace the injured Gordon the sheriff batman, later he resents hypocrisy of administration system and eventually parted ways with Gordon, a character arc is simply astounding. Of course, even more interestingly, Blake exposure at the end of the piece a privacy, leaving the audience infinite daydream.

Back: the epic end Nolan’s “the dark knight trilogy” is one of the best demonstration of the trilogy, three films can completely independent article, once up, however, is bursting 1 + 1 + 1 > 3 dark magic! Three films include complete batman hero of the story beginning, development and ending, during which the given origin long, each material which itsdifferent not the same. As a member of the crazy flat powder, how difficult to accept emotionally Nolan’s departure, intellectually, cannot but admit that the dark knight story really perfect end. Nolan has taken the dark knight story completely closed loop, even if the Gotham into trouble again in the future, at least spell able, his brother tan police station, at least Blake (oh, should call robin), various think impassability and dark knight trying any reason. Didn’t the batman theme is to restart may? Not too! Strictly speaking Nolan end are nothing more than “the dark knight”, not “batman”, batman’s new series still can start again at the appropriate time!


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