Bane Mask with Voice Changer will be More Realistic

After watching The Dark Knight Rises in Bane performances, would you like to go to play Bane cosplay? You want to have a Bane mask with voice changer and go to be a villain? If you want to join the cosplay party, the Bane mask with voice changer will is very attractive costumes to the friends.

Bane voice changer mask

When you see The Dark Knight Rises this film, I would think this is a very classic film. Nolan’s “Batman trilogy“, which is the eternal question of individual heroism and it talks about social system, or the dialectical relationship between group identities. Just look at this, Nolan has the quality of a comic book hero movies rise to the absolute height, as throughout other similar films, such as Superman or Spider-Man, the United States is almost uniform individual heroism victory, which is nothing more than justice over connotation all kinds of evil – Superman series, and occasionally self struggling – “Spider-Man 3”, emphasizing teamwork – ” the Avengers ” and so on.

Bane cosplay

The Bane voice changer mask in the movie is a classic, but also let a person remember.

I am by no means ignoring the spiritual content of other entertainment movie, but it is undeniable that most entertainment movie connotation is more of an additional component, if not essential, but also to allow a greater degree of no commercial film does not look set to join the brain, although some still set right, but not the Ministry of entertainment which reflect the content of the film can prevail over the conduct of entertaining, to say the least qualified on an equal footing.

 Bane voice changer mask

Not the director is not willing to show their ideas and depth, but the problem is difficult to achieve balance between the two, but fortunately, we have Nolan has Batman series, made by Chris Nolan.

I just got this mask today and I absolutely love it! Shipping was faster than expected and the mask looks just like the display photo. It feels sturdy and is not flimsy. It fits Bane cosplay perfectly! Overall this mask is awesome!



$ 79

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