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The follow we feature our bane vest costume! when you wearing this bane vest costume, you will half of the bane. Many people loves batman, but many people loves bane, which is the chief villain in Batman. The role of bane wearing a fashion design: army green vest, a black mask like an insect’s mouth, a yellow style coat. Like the follow photo, our bane vest coat. The vest coat is biggest close to the movie role bane, color, belt, and etc.

Bane Vest, Fashion Style Army Green Costumes!

bane vest

Original Role Orientation of Bane Vest Coat

As the “Batman: The Dark Knight rises” the chief villain, Bane positive makeup as you see. In the comic book Bane is wearing caps, but the film is wearing a mask and a vest coat, which fashion style army green, and a big yellow coat. This is different from Jo Schumacher’s movie version. This mask like insect mouth, people dare not open; and Batman cover, most attractive, is super handsome heavy weapon in his hand. The design of this weapon is different from the traditional guns, fire cannot be underestimated.

The Role of Bane in Batman

Bane, known as the poisonous king or destroyer are appearance in 1993, and after that many comic fans are know him! Bane is a prisoner on the island, and when he is 8 years old, he killed another one stronger prisoner, and still stayed in prison 30 years. In the prison, he learned everything he can get from the paper and become one of the most intrepid criminals. After he escaped from the prison whith other 3 people and arrived to the city of Gotham. And the final defeat of Batman, becoming the only one who beaten the Batman. The follow picture is the Bane in the movie Batman.
bane in the movie
This picture, Bane take the photo of Batman. We can see Bane’s wearing very clear.

Batman Bane video in Youtube

In the video, The performance of Bane is very eye-catching!

Details Pictures About Bane Vest coat

bane vest back
Below photo is bane cosplay vest coat. Can be seen from the picture, a lot of details we have to imitate, making our products the largest close to the source character. Let our customers put on our clothes, as another bane was born – This is the goal of our efforts!

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6 thoughts on “Bane Vest Costume

  1. Got this for a bane costume, worked out well. It was good size for me (5’10” average build). Arrived on time. Thank you so much!

  2. This is a great tactical vest. It has a sturdy rigid design making it great for getting down. I can say it’s the best I’ve ever owned…


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