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In the about Bane series of products, it also has Bane vest for sale. There are a lot of products are for Bane fans. Looks like the costumes in the movie are very similar, quality also is very good, Bane vest for sale shortly time, a lot of Bane fans all like it very much.

Bane vest costume

Bane is to bring death and angry terrorists, sturdy body is superior intelligence evil leaders, and Bane has a past of suffering, which also caused his twisted personality. The Bane mask for his nervous system provides the venom. In the comics, he was led to the paralysis of Batman. The Bane vest costume also because best-selling comic began to famous costume.

Bane cosplay

Since the Batman which disappeared in the night, over a full eight years, and he also had overnight turned into a fugitive from a hero. Since Harvey Dent’s death, who was called The Dark Knight superhero although accusations imposed on him and humiliation scoff, but he also sacrificed his and police officers. Jim Gordon, all efforts in order to achieve the target, “a better future” and do. Bane cosplay is Bane fans like another manifestation of the role Bane.

Bane vest costume



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