Bane is One of the Biggest Villains in Batman Movie

As we know, there are many villains in Batman movies, among them; Bane is one of the biggest villains in the Batman movie. The Bane with the Bane mask is scary, but so many people like to cosplay Bane with the Bane cosplay costumes.

Batman Bane masks

In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Batman appeared again after he disappeared for eight years. Between the eight years, the Gotham City was in good order, but it didn’t last long, there were new villain appeared, including the cat woman and Bane. Bane was a man who wearing the Bane mask all day long. The Bane costume also looked strange in the Batman film. Bane said that he would destroy Gotham City with the cruelest way.

batman bane cosplay

Though Bane was a fierce guy in the Batman movie, villain could not overcome decent; Batman won Bane in the end. All we know that Bane was a strong man. He was smart and powerful. He was good at speaking many kinds of language, and what he has done was under control.


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