Bane Voice Changer Mask

Bane Voice Changer Mask

Bane voice change mask is an ingenious work in the Bane cosplay shop. Many Batman fans like to wear the Bane mask and the Bane costume to cosplay Bane in all kinds of cosplay parties. The Bane cosers thank it is cool and fashion to cosplay Bane with the Bane mask replica.
Bane voice changer masks
The Greatest Villain Bane in Batman Movie

In Batman films, Joker is one of the greatest enemies of Barman; the other is must be Bane. As we know, Bane is the most important character in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Bane is so powerful with the Bane voice changer mask and he almost could kill Batman in the movie.
Bane voice changer masks
Bane is Powerful and Smart

Some people say that Bane is not as smart as Joker; he could hurt Batman is just because he is very strong and powerful. Actually, Bane is not only a strong man, but also a very smart man. It’s said that all Bane’s childhood were in the prison. All day and night, he didn’t stop exercise and learning the knowledge. When he grew up, he became powerful and he knew lots of the knowledge. After he got out from the prison, he knew who was Batman with his wisdom. Then, there was a big struggle between Bane and Batman.
Bane voice changer mask replica
Bane Mask become the Popular Prop to Cosplay Bane

Now, the Batman trilogy directed by Nolan is far from us. The classical villain characters will last for a long time, such as the Joker and the Bane. In our life, we could see the Bane’s fans like to wear the Bane voice change mask to cosplay him; the Bane costume is really a nice prop to cosplay Bane.


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  1. Because of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, I began to like Bane, he is really a wonderful villain in the Batman movie, and I like to cosplay him with the Bane mask.


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