Bane Wrist Brace Cosplay Let You Cool

This Bane wrist brace is part of  bane cosplay, it’s very details part that we noticed.  This Leather Wrist guard makes you more like the Bane role in the movie “Batman, The Dark Knight Rise”.Now we provide this  Bane Wrist Brace Cosplay only 59 US dollar. Look at the follow picture that’s our Bane wrist brace costume.

bane wrist brace

Cool Bane Wrist Brace

This Bane wrist brace is material 100% leather, so that can make it touch up more comfortable. Yellow color let it looks as the real part of original role. Maybe you want to be a real Bane, i think you need a Bane full suit costume. A full Bane cosplay you need click to the follow bane costume.

Bane coat costumeBane coat costume

Wonderful Battle Between Bane and Batman

Batman pure fighting but Bane is basically misinformation. Knight fall first to explain very clearly, shellfish Indian created Ark ham collective escape, resulting in Batman struggled to deal with this mess. And he is in the side secretly observation. When Batman’s physical limits when confronting. So it is purely tactical victory
Although Bane is an after 90 the villain, but wins in the mind, skills, strength all have, is “three good” student. Batman is not enough to play, but before the original inside versus Bane packed the fugitives, but also has a cold. So the Bane win strategy. If is the perfect state of Batman, Bain not the mighty earth fall.
bane battle carton
Then the animation or comics, Batman and Robin against the shell was simple and direct, the fist several feet, then, darts, cut the pipe. KO.
If it is against the second generation of Batman, Jean Paul, estimate the man was beaten worse Bane.

Let us see more details pictures about Bane Wrist Brace.

bane wrist brace details

$ 56

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