Batman Begins in the Dark Knight Rises Four Film Code

Batman: The Dark Knight rise “The Dark Knight Rises (2012) # Batman prequel 2: Dark Knight/The Dark Knight (2008), Batman Begins 2: Dark Knight, The Dark Knight (2008) # Batman: XiaYing puzzle/Batman Begins (2005), Batman: XiaYing mystery of Batman Begins (2005) about The film slightly fans of ultraman dozen small monster this superhero is disgusted and jealousy, they would make fun of like 007 seems never end of The film, but also for similar” avengers alliance “this from time to time will dominate a season or two season box-office film was jealous and hate. But lower the quality of the film is not a superhero itself, but only rely on brute force, violence crime and always thrown off in a crisis that is super hero exploiting the loopholes, and the cult of justice without doubt an eternal theme. Although now super heroes of a more secure is to destroy, but it still will not hide the fact that the intellect humiliated. So, batman in “Nolan manufacturing” has been pushing for god level work in super hero class. 05 “spiderman mystery film of batman begins” and 08 “dark knight” of batman begins once released, popular with innumerable, but also have used the superhero movies viewers will be her lines make dazzling that doubt a superhero movie need to be linked to direct human nature? I have to say that like the incredible hulk will surface is less than his N times the enemy on the ground fall off blow out such a superhero overcome evil forces of highway to just use your adrenaline created a carnival of the type of popcorn.

Superhero films according to the previous high concept – superheroes won a low-level evil has begun his own end, we have reason to expect Nolan make two “batman begins” and the upcoming batman prequel to the dark knight rises is such a try new things. Here, I will create the first two lists Nolan batman is much higher than other several movie genre codes and how to speculate in the third part Nolan will surprise shocked us. A, a high IQ enemy batman prequel to the man of mystery “batman is the biggest enemy in Lhasa, noble master (), at the beginning of the movie just let we saw his eloquence, he can always put their own the packing in where rhetoric is a slanting reason heterodox perfect convincing, his speech about fear, justice, tight logic, so as to become batman also almost mesmerized by him his shadow, a member of the alliance. In the main story is batman is a batman, Lhasa, nagging fear, justice, etc. The phrase is also as batman’s foil, so he still belongs to the normal sense of the villain, and his duel with the batman also stay in superhero films past level, Lhasa, to destroy the general public, but as the maintenance of public security police powerless, can only rely on a selfless superheroes, batman. In “the dark knight of batman begins” the clown was rather upstage villain, Nolan hopes on him more than the batman, the joker no fingerprints, DNA, dental records, no name no proof of identity and all that goes with social what all have no, he can more accurate identity is a reflection of human nature most deep place. And that the “human nature” is not a clown he thinks himself, he can see liu sinister, can discern the batman truly CARES about Rachel, I believe that if he is only interested in batman himself he would find out ` Bruce Wayne, it’s a pity that he is interested in batman in doing — those with him to do the same behavior, batman is just in the flag of hope Gotham light maintenance, behavior, same of otherness. Nolan put forward for a long time we see the super hero of a hidden and not hair, is above the law of the super heroes and criminals have why to distinguish? Need to mention is that at the end of the previous two films Nolan did not bend as a party of the evil villain, the behavior and repent “unjust” belief. Moral judgments itself with arbitrary and ignore the judgment of others, its significance lies in, in line with your beliefs are divided into the side of justice, contrary to you, be eighteen layers of hell and into the “you”, can be a person, a group of people, also can be all human, but it does not depend on the amount of the number of judge is moral, and we are, usually, is this “usually” Nolan.


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