Batman Cosplay and Superman Cosplay

These years, both Batman cosplay and Superman cosplay are popular all over the world. As we know, Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is an excellent character, the Batman Bane cosplay is well known by us. Many people like to cosplay Bane with the Bane clothing.

Batman Bane full suit cosplay costumes

As the popular of Superman: Man of Steel, Warner said that there will be Batman in the next Superman movie in San Diego Comic-Con. If so, it will be the first time the two Superheroes appear together in the same movie. The news masks the fans of comic-con so happy and the next Superman movie will be popular in 2015.

Now we know that the Superman Henry Cavill will continue to act Superman in the next Superman movie, but the Batman Christian Bale will not take part in the second Superman, who will take place of him? I also want to know that if Bane will appear in the Superman movie? I think there will more and more people cosplay Bane, Batman and Superman at that time. I can’t wait to seeing the movie now, and you?




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