Batman Martial Art in the Batman Movies Directed by Nolan

Batman Martial Art in the Batman Movies Directed by Nolan

“The Dark Knight Rises,” after the release, there is inclined to praise, many critics are fighting action is designed to greatly dissatisfied. It’s no wonder, Batman cartoons often twirled down the enemy, and that even the best track acrobat also imitate the old four live-action version of the movie, he took so fancy, or at least a master handsome neat pies, jumping up and down with no breathing, kicking the straight and round, in line with most people’s consciousness Almighty martial artist set. Seductive used to, thanks to brute force suddenly see this punch kick, cuddle roll, of course, think too amateur. An overview of the series trilogy is not difficult to see that he is committed to creating a style of realistic crime action movie, although the name of “Batman” on the cover, but science fiction comics and unusual piece is not all the way, but not the live version of the cartoon.

There are many martial arts beat France, most people like to watch or elegant or sharp exaggerated posture. See more Chinese martial arts, wrestling Hollywood look somehow mention not pull its weight, which is a lot of fans of synesthesia. But decent martial arts is highly stylized, similar to Western dance piece paragraphs, with realistic scenarios exist naturally uncoordinated, imagine an extreme example, if “Detective Hunter Zhang” in Cop Killer fight like fighting with Byrne , the audience will do what sense. But why, in addition to “The Legend of Zu” and all the characters are “Superman” few works, whenever an action movie, the plot has a number of reality-based, how to transcend the reality of the paragraph with the logic of action in harmony, became numerous filmmakers explore proposition.

Imagine that side of the car, a group of police and thugs are street fights, rivers of blood, shot a turn, Batman and Bane singled out, you kick a shadow less feet, I make a Behind boxing, then put two hidden weapon, leveraging the vacated buildings and vehicles jumping on the chase, flash show maneuvers in the air, kicking each other Then wrestle Donnie Yen, Tony • Jia Fei knee, Steven Siegel • punching it? Although close enough to combat, but two rough Han a mask, cape heroes, dress itself has strong romantic elements, a little out of realistic foundation, floated to the sky, and how to do? Would rather fight a bit more awkward, in order to make weight the style press back to the ground.

In addition to fighting scenes, weapons and setting of the film is also not to show off, do not cross the boundaries of non-fantasy film. Cop used against the reality is nothing more than visible firearms and blasting materials, but well known Best of bomb, and was hand of EMP. As for the Bat mobile, bat aircraft, on full consideration of aerodynamic styling, unlike high to high Transformers entirely contemporary technology concepts and standards of the product. Seen the movie, you would believe if sufficient financial support, scientists can fully realize Batman’s equipment. Some people say that the film is called Nolan sci-fi film is an insult to the imagination, the author agree, out of thin air is not difficult to build high-tech, but neither shines beyond reality technology but also as people that need a genius inspiration.

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