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Many people want to search Best Batman Bane cosplay after seen the movie “Batman – The Dark Knight Rise”, ¬†especially crazy Bane cosplay fans! I will recommend that you can choose Xcoser brand cosplay on profession service, strict product choose. Now, our site,, will take you to get the loves bane costume.

Of course, first we featured this full suit Bane cosplay:

bane cosplay

In the picture, this bane full suit did not include bane coat costume

Best Batman Bane Cosplay in the movie

Years ago, Nolan in the first master Duke fell in love with the daughter of the tribe, was discovered, ducal exile, tribal leaders of the pregnant daughter threw a deep below the prison. Then the chief’s daughter gave birth to a girl named Brenda, lived a miserable life in prison. Then the chief’s daughter who was persecuted, Brenda in the masked villain Bane help, escaped from prison.

bane costume
Brenda found his father Duke, and by Duke Organization mercenaries defeated army bandits and save the Bane. But Bane has been dead, only wear a mask. Du card did not want his daughter and Bane together, has been very exclusive Bane.
Batman the Duke killed, Brenda decided to inherit Duke will completely change the social reality. She knows to Batman Wayne company is developing new reactor. So, she kidnapped the Russian nuclear physicist by Bane (that is, the beginning of the film the scene), nominal and has invested in the sustainable development of energy in the Wayne Company.



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