Chuck Dixon is Satisfied with Bane in TDKR

Bane is a classical character in Batman cartoon. Many people like to cosplay him. When Chuck Dixon knew that Bane would be the great villain in the Superhero movie-Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, he said it’s so wonderful.
Batman Bane costumes
Dixon is one of the writers of Bane, he always hoped Batman; The Dark Knight Rises would regard Bane as a important role. As we know, the great Batman movie should have a real fight. Bane is that people that he is as strong as Batman, and he looks so scary. Only Bane could struggle with Batman face to face. Dixon also said, Nolan is a good director, he knows what he does, and he understands the character of Bane. Though there’s different between the movie and the cartoon, Dixon also thought Nolan did a good job. By the way, Dixon is satisfied with Bane in TDKR, he said Tom Hardy is so a great actor, he is suitable to act Bane.
Batman Bane costume
In the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is a very smart man; he is good at speaking 6 kinds of language. Bane is also the strategists and strategist. No matter how hard his childhood was, he stick to study and made him strong. Actually, Bane is as like as Batman, except Bane is villain, Batman is the superhero.
Batman Bane full suitBatman Bane full suit
After seeing the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, both Batman and Bane gain more and more fans. For me, I like Bane more. I like to cosplay Bane with the weird Bane costume. Every time when I wear the costume, I think I was Bane.


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