Compare with Bane and Joker

Compared with the JOKER, why is Batman’s enemy – bane would be so boring?  Why in the second half of the film, Gotham City’s collective absence?

The Dark Knight. The musical soul of the Joker, through the exposure of sanctimonious, chaos and order follow-up release, “Gotham City” deconstruction of layer-by-layer, will audiences come one step on the moral and ethical dilemmas, even desperate. Lasted for centuries in the Western world about the film “justice” controversy, but also neglected to elaborate the anarchist political views.

bane mask

The TDKR, Batman adversary of Western civilization, is rendered as an “other” heterogeneous forces. Yes, this ideology was born in the Interior of Western civilization, but became independent, opposing forces in the development of Marxist revolutionary forces. Batman series this is from personal-ethical dimensions, fully into the socio-political dimensions.

Please think about the movie two somewhat bizarre arrangements:
1. Why this Joker, the rebel role in this movie, “Bain” so boring?
2. Why is Gotham in the absence of the general public in the latter part of the film collective?

It seems to me that Nolan designed and treatment of these two episodes, implied understanding reading political password of the connotations of this film.

First of all, talk about the difference between Joker and Bain.

I suspect that many viewers thought third than second, mainly because Bain is not as good as Joker. Compared to the evil Joker shiny, Bain has no charisma at all: its image in most Hollywood movies, usually just a goon that sped by on camera; the shape mask of unknown, also accept incompetence.

How did this happen? With Nolan’s writers and directors, offer an impressive anti-angle should not be a problem; Heath Ledger the best, Tom Hardy the gaps are not so great.


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