About payment:

1. My credit card payment failed, why?

Answer: If your credit card payment failed, it is possible because bank authorization, or fraud prevention systems. If you were met trouble making a payment Credit Card, you can contact the card issuing bank or PayPal directly.

2. May I send a replacement if products were not satisfies?

Answer: Yes, of course! We will deal with it in 10 to 13 days. It is also can be treated for new orders. And then the replacement will be sent after receiving the returned item.

3. Do you make an invoice for clients?

Answer: Yes, we make an invoice for clients.

4. What payment methods you can make?

Answer: PayPal, and Credit Card. If you want to buy our bane masks, you can use the payment system to buy, or contact us!

About products:

1. How about the quality?

Answer: Our products are made of best material. The true design is according to the movies and anime. Our sales volume has kept a high level until today. And the comments also keep good.

2. It is a new website, are all the products reliable?

Answer: This website is our new website, but we have many long history website in the searching. Just for extending Business, we have opened some new website. Over the years, depend on the good quality and well services; we have got many fans during these years. We have made over 100 Cosplay commissions for fans in Hong Kong, Japan and United States. We are sponsoring cosplay societies in 2 major Hong Kong universities. Payment is made at our merchant bank’s secure site and we do not have access to your credit card information. You can check.

3. Are all products having different size?

Answer: Our products are suitable for adult.


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