Simple Discussion on Bane Costume Shape the Image of the Voice

Simple Discussion on Bane costume Shape the Image of the Voice.
Bane mask, it will make people feel strange: 1.5 metal semi plastic connecting small device has a lot of pipeline, but only covers his face mouth and nose position. This is hardly a mask, is more like a breathing assistance apparatus.

bane mask

According to the interpretation of the movie (in the movie did not clearly explain the role of the mask), it is indeed a sprayer anesthetic for ease, Bane all the time by the pain of torture. This hormone syringe in the comic set greatly weakened the strength of Bane. Before it was broken, it seems only to heighten the atmosphere, shaping the characters role. Then, the mask of Bane is just a decoration and a visible, to break the weakness?
Let us first look at a picture: a minute Coplay Bane.
This picture reminds me of Bane mask has another use — of course not obviously headphones — but the opposite: the microphone.

bane batman mask
This, in my opinion, what, Bane mask does not obscure the on the contrary, it highlights and magnified Bane cosplay source of power — his voice. The human voice is from the mouth and nose, wearing a mask of Bane combined device like a microphone and loudspeaker, expanded Bane’s voice. The hollow and hoarse voice is the essence of Bane.
Let us recall Bane’s debut: be bag trapping him, not as we see. Only when he began to speak, began to sound (rather than appearance), we really aware of his presence. When he passionately said, let the crash, this event has really changed.


Obviously, Nolan in addition to Bane power, pay more attention to the performance of his voice, something his words and his speech brought enormous, incalculable power. Even to say, Bane must also chatter without stop in combat, and the words gave his power Bane is invincible. If you want more carefully pull tab, you’ll find out Bane cosplay costumes will often use “deprived of voice” way to kill — he always love to pinch throat, wring its neck.
Bane’s tone is through sophisticated processing. Intuitively, it sounds like from the endless abyss came a kind — this just and Bane in the burrows life experience the perfect fusion. Mask to cover his mouth movement, so that Bane’s voice is not the source, has suggested that we behind the mask of the abyss is how deep does not see the bottom.


Can say, the ghost of his voice like, not the source, represents a primitive, the fear of the unknown. Sounds have no bottom also means that the thought and the will of the elusive. This is a symbol of the absolute power. Although this shape terrorist way by Lucas Black Warrior used, is used by Hitchcock in “Psycho”, even in the “opera” the phantom of the opera is also used, but Nolan still brilliant again.
Of course, in addition to the Bane paradox and ethereal sound, he is also a very distinguished speakers and agitators. In fact, Bane provokes Goshen people blind Dick got way is intimidation and incitement — by the presence of the language itself. He did not exert more violence was the behind the scenes. It is relying on his tone and black theatrical humor speaking skills, Bane make mercenaries and Goshen citizens for dumping, to he almost toe, also makes the screen outside we intuitively be shocked. If you listen to the Mandarin version of the voice, then compared with the original, you can feel more close to the Nolan and Tom Hardy portrayed the role of this is very successful.

So, since I understand Bane’s source of power, beat him becomes simple. Cup noodles decisively at K Bane’s mask, lost the sound of Bane quickly to be trampled upon. This is not enough, Talia told cup noodles Bane is a deep love for their own — and before all his behavior belongs to a single even naive. The abyss is filled, the strength is gone, even if the mask was repaired, Bane also became weak — he even can use guns rather than their fists to solve the cup noodles.

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  1. The mask arrived quickly and was just as described!! It made my sons Christmas night!! The quality was excellent and the price was too!!
    Thank you :)

  2. I liked the costume and am a big Tom Hardy fan and when people see the movie they will stop saying he is too small to be Bane.

  3. Does anyone like Bane’s voice, at the start of the movie it was very different to what id seen in the prolouge and had me a bit worried but i got used to it during the course of the movie.


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