The Bane Coat is Suitable for Bane Cosplay

At this time for the European and American area, is a cold season. But if you have a Bane coat, it is a good choice. Wear it can feel very warm; also can be regarded as a Bane cosplay costume. Do you think this Bane coat looks very fashionable?
bane coat jacket costume
After watching The Dark Knight Rises, many fans will be thinking about this issue, whether Gotham City needs Batman? Nolan did not answer this question. The issue of promotion to the maximum, whether human society requires the existence of such a hero Batman? Create a world in Nolan, Batman saga has not only getting rid of, but has become a religion, a people on the social development and human history reported promising momentum, this momentum, we should not lose.

End of the film, butler Alfred once again came to Florence, he was pleased to see Wayne sitting opposite position with Serena on coffee, the two-phase care smile, serve the Wayne family’s life for the elderly get it this unyielding struggle with the dark body covered with scars belong to his master rediscovered happiness.

In a sense, Bane is a hero, a lot of people want to be Bane, the Bane coat looks very suitable for Bane, nor cumbersome and bulky, his muscles are very rich, and wearing this coat looks very dignified. Do you like cosplay? And do you want to buy one coat hold to the Bane cosplay?




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