The Big Villain Bane in Superhero Movie

Every Superhero movie has the villain, such as the Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Though Bane is the enemy of Batman, many Batman fans like to cosplay Bane with the Bane costumes. The Bane mask is the most popular prop now.
bronze bane mask
Bane is a very important character in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, he even becomes the excellent opponent of Batman. In the Batman movie directed by Nolan, Tom Hardy is really a great actor. Because of him, we could see a very different Bane. The villain had a miserable childhood, but he didn’t give up study and exercise. When Bane grew up, he became a smart and strong man. His knowledge was very rich in the Batman film. When he wore in the Bane mask, he seemed to be scarier, and nobody wanted to get close with him. Bane is a lively villain in the Batman film.
batman bane mask
After Batman: The Dark Knight Rises released, Bane, or we could say Tom Hardy attracts a lot of fans all over the world. His fans like to cosplay him in the different occasion. As we know, the Bane fans are men and women, old and young, they wear the Bane cosplay costumes in the cosplay party and look cool.
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