The Great Movie Cosplay and the Cool Game Cosplay from Xcoser

More and more people like to cosplay now, no matter boys and girls, old and young, they like to wear the cool cosplay costumes to take part in the cosplay party. Cosplay has become a meaningful lifestyle for many people.

Katniss Everdeen costume

As a fan of cosplay, I like the game cosplay very much. When I play the games, I really want to wear the game cosplay costumes at there time. I like to play all kinds of cosplay, such as CoD, AC games and Halo. As we know that Halo 5 will come to our life, the Halo costume become more and more popular now. Last year, when I play the Call of Duty:Ghost, I wear the Call of Duty cosplay costumes, it’s so cool. Several years ago, I liked to play Assassin’s Creed, I like the great assassin Connor very much. The Assassins Creed hoodie is wonderful and I like it so much, and I also buy the Assassins Creed hoodie for kids to my friend’s son.

Halo costume

Maybe, you are not a game cosplay fan, you are a fan of movie cosplay, I think you will like the Hunger Game movie, the Hunger Game Katniss Everdeen costume is so beautiful and so many people like to wear it in their life.

Assassins Creed hoodie




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