Ubisoft Watch Dogs will Released On May 27,2014

Many game players are looking forward to the Ubisoft’s newest game, Watch Dogs. The principal of Ubisoft said that the reason why Watch Dogs chose to delay, because they want to offer us the best game. If the game released in November last year, we could not see so many good system and element.

That’s no doubt that Batman:Arkham Origins is a great game, and I have cosplayed Deathstroke with the Deathstroke mask. Now, another great game Watch Dogs will be released, do you want to play it?

deathstroke mask

Ubisoft’s associate creative director Lionel Raynaud said that, they have thought that they want to retain some features in the next Watch Dogs game, but they do not. They want to do the best game. They prefer spend more time to make a perfect game. If they don’t do that, they will think the Watch Dogs game is not completed.

Now, what we should do is to wait for Watch Dogs, the great game. Before the game released, many cosers have cosplay the main character in the game with the Watch Dogs cosplay costumes.


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