Watch Dogs Cosplay in AnimeExpo2014

AnimeExpo2014 is the biggest comic-con in North America, it is held in Los Angeles Convention Center this year. We could see many great cosers and wonderful cosplay there, such as the Watch Dogs cosplay. When Aiden Pearce with the Watch Dogs mask, he looks mysterious.
Aiden Pearce mask
That’s no doubt that Watch Dogs is the most popular game in 2014, it must become the hot cosplay in the comic-con. For many people, Aiden Pearce is a man who they want to be. All the things in the city he could control. He could defeat the villains easily as he like.

Except the Watch Dogs cosplay, we could also see the Attack on Titan cosplay, Frozen Eisa cosplay and the other excellent cosplay by the cosers. From the cosplay show, we know that good work will be loved by all kinds of people.


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