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The Dark Knight Rises Bane Cosplay Although Not Classic, But Wonderful

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Bane Cosplay The Dark Knight Rise Trilogy Mixed Shear

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Fetured Bane Cosplay Costume

Bane Cosplay & Cool Bane Costume

Bane is a role in the movie " Batman - The Dark knight Rise ", he is the supper chief villain. But also, he has his own crazy fans group. So what we sales and provide is bane cosplay and bane costume, from head to foot, like bane mask costume, bane coat costume, bane vest costume and bane full suit. Our products are own R & D, High quality and the biggest close to the role style in the movie. The following are what we provide:

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The Dark Knight Rise of Bane and Batman

Our site provide bane cosplay costumes, The Bane is a what concrete role In the film "Batman The Dark Knight Rise"? In the movie, the rise was divided into two parts, first part is the rise of Bane, after part is Batman's rise, The soundtrack is also well matched.


In order to rise the Bane, the movie just let Bane's fear was audience experience, in male growl background, Bane successfully hijacked planes. This is a low growl "rise" first appeared. In addition to determine the overall theme of the soundtrack, it also implies that the later by other people as revealed by Bane - the first to climb out of the prison, said Bane has rise.
At the bottom of a well beneath the prison is a prison make the place, here from no one can leave, it seems, make people use "rise" to send to climb out of the prison, is not difficult to understand, climb out of jail people will rise. Bane and Batman has climbed out of prison, Bane bring fear and Batman brings hope just proved this point. The follow picture is Bane cosplay jacket coat.

bane costume

Batman did others consider impossible, but a mountain, coupled with the Batman is the hope, so real brother Gotham City, Batman and Bane battle be triggered at any moment. Batman and bane and only two people confrontation between hope and reality, is the brother of Gotham City People's hearts in the desperate battle, justice of the police and the destruction of hope criminals represents hope and despair, so, such as Batman said "this is a war" was started. Batman finally eliminated Bane forces, however, the greatest despair hydrogen bomb was about to explode.
Batman proceed without hesitation into the car, pull the bomb to the Gulf fly, music first appeared in the familiar and the familiar melody, the films into the final climax, with Batman loved people's eyes, far, explosion, in female mercy lamentations, completed the final rise. So the bane is the chief villain in the movie, but also have many fans, what we provide is the bane's costumes, mask, full suit, vest and coat.

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