Bane Cosplay The Legendary Epic Glorious End Simple Talk About Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Bane Cosplay The Legendary Epic Glorious End Simple Talk About Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Originally, before the 827 missed the big screen, but due to work reasons, still have the opportunity to see in advance. 1, the overall impression is absolutely, absolutely will not let Nolan’s loyal fans, especially for the first 2 very understanding fans disappointed, although the rest assured. The movie in the ideological, certainly is not the same as TDK. However, is not the same, right. Because if you really like TDK, we’re equal to re read the TDK version. In this way, but the effect will be greatly reduced. Trilogy, each have their own style, will be more perfect. Overall, particularly wonderful. If you are a Nolan fan, you will find that his support of Nolan, are rewarded, not in vain. Although Nolan has not seen us, but he has been with the practical action to return our. As for the proposed such criticism of some people. In fact, these people say too much sense. But these shortcomings, is insignificant and innocuous, without affecting the TDKR become an epic. 2, the big finale if I had originally intended to see 10 times TDKR, I’m going to see the eleventh times now, more out of it again, just to look again at the finale. In other words, in order to end a few minutes, I would sit 165 minutes in the cinema. After reading, the mood is very heavy, very exciting. The finale, absolutely not use this kind of joy or sadness vocabulary can be summarized individually, it is definitely not who died, or who live so simple. When you see the big finale, I can hardly breathe, there is little touches film can give the human heart to so, a few films can have such

As for the previous me and some other people worry about, music and the first several too similar, can say now, need not worry completely. The heart is not good, strongly recommended not to see IMAX. Although I hope TDKR box office burst, but still important body. Because, a few highlights in the sound of music, very good theater, was shocked to the pole. So, the film story is not important, even in the absence of any story, to the cinema with his eyes closed, just as a concert to listen to, also has is worth the price. 4, when the film suggest looking view, should be particularly careful. One not careful, a and before the echo, or to pave the way for the below lens, may have missed. If you look not carefully, some places are very easy to understand right and wrong, or no understanding. The first pass is a lively look at, look again is definitely not enough, the amount of information is still relatively large. Now look, previous spoilers, some right, some wrong. So, if not carefully by the spoiler, don’t worry too much. Moreover, the outcome can be spoilers, but see the end when the feeling, is nobody can spoilers out. 5, the summary of the film, very brilliant, absolutely can become a topic. There are many places, is worth the audience exchange, study. This doesn’t speak a lot, thus to avoid spoilers considerations, and is their only see again, though there are a lot of places worthy of careful study, do not have too much say. If you have what problem would like to communicate to TDKR, welcome to dms. In a word: the legendary epic, glorious end.


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