Batman Bane Cosplay the Great Villain

There’re so many great actors in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, including Bane. When I saw the Bane with the Bane mask first time, I was shocked. The Bane cosplay is really a great experience for me.
Bane mask
The screenplay of The Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was written by Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan. From the screenplay, we could see a special villain, who was Bane. Sometimes he was good and sometimes he was evil. In general, Bane was self-confidence, muscular and cruel personality man. On the back of him, he had a scary scar. The Bane mask is not only cover up his face, but also makes him has a different voice.

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Bane in the Batman film looks scary; his acting skill is so great though he wears the Bane mask in the movie. In my mind, he is the most important villain role in the Batman movie like Joker. Tom Hardy is really a great actor; his acting skill is accepted by most of the Batman fans.
Bane masks
In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, there are some new faces, including Bane. That’s no doubt that Bane is the most excellent villain so far. In all kinds of cover and posters, Bane and Batman appear stand beside; we could see the importance of Bane in the Batman movie. As we know, Bane is a strong man in the cartoon, he is high than 2m. It’s said that Tom Hardy increased by more than 20 pounds to act Bane. Nolan said, Tom Hardy and Bell are the great actors, their performance is perfect.

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