The Dark Knight Rises Bane Cosplay Although Not Classic, But Wonderful

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Cosplay Although Not Classic, But Wonderful

The dark knight rises: although not classic, but this summer, maybe you have looked at the long ribs of the girls who cut the jeans and the thigh; This summer, maybe you have become accustomed to in every Friday night listening to the voice “good”; This summer, maybe you sometimes don’t surf the Internet on a regular basis search young tycoons and player’s continuous temptation; This summer, maybe you eagerly anticipated by his has been the emergence of a film, it is the name of the dark knight rises of batman! The black rise has a nearly three hours of the bulk, and the charm of “black” lies in the three hours of time can let a person feel almost no time. “Black” with its ups and downs of the plot, interspersed among the big scenes of fighting with close into proper, let a person in a vigorous audition shock on the bottom of inner waves could feel the characters! If there is no a set “the dark knight”, the rise of “black” is sure to gain a larger cult. Because of the rise of black really wonderful. First of all, the story line is batman “patted the dust, to refresh the tired spirit” of mainstream inspirational story, positive sunshine popular favorites! Second, using high-tech business elements. Plot aspects such as the largest “boss” turned out to be… (spoiler to delete a number of words), such as the end to let a person worry that the protagonist comfort, audio-visual, scene spectacular shooting hot exquisite picture sound peaks, etc. Finally, the theme is human nature to the hero of the story mode, such as processing ingeniously the big hero “salvation” into a “lower the head is the world” “everyone can be a hero” – makes it easier to present the audience to accept the mainstream values of the west!

If only if, however, “the dark knight”, as a prequel to not compare seems impossible. I’m watching “the dark knight” for the first time, feel so far from legend in the great, hurry. Later, thanks, blu-ray era has the testimony in the DVD version. When you receive dish is mainly because the disc great wonders, only to go back to, only to find that the film was so cow force, not a general cattle can match! Topic is double disc, even there are Chinese subtitles trivia, let me more know about “the dark knight” the more the more appreciation! Relative to the rise of “black”, “the dark knight” more let I admire and love for the following reasons. First of all, a clown. Is spreading the clown has a sense of magic, he can let a person heart buried years of evil seeds germinate even break out, and he can subtly slip in the traditional sense moral condemnation, even won the pity and rational support of morality. And that role composition by the director, not only need more wonderful actor’s exquisite depict lives! Second, the scene. Familiar with Nolan’s friends know, the master strengths in “narrative”, is the most representative of deconstruction after collage piece of “memory fragments”! And with a strong humanistic care Nolan in holding up the commercial movies, he doesn’t like “change 3″ or “multiple” can fight on screen crazy like that for half an hour and insist on not “discharge”, but “refining” enjoy it restore authenticity. In “the dark knight” truck FanGeEr, carriage motor and other wonders bring us amazing is almost kua era! The black rise while fighting a comprehensive upgrade, but amazing feeling a bit weak. At last, the thought. Nolan, a director with humanity, so that “justice will prevail heroes” fool changed landscape, so we can see down and out in the film hero cold heart, so we will consider the present western min main civilization in a dark corner. Say first hero. “The dark knight” end with a strong tragedy color, and the rise of the black is a typical “happy” victory! So obviously too idealistic and lack depth of thinking, in contrast, a story, “hero” seemed a bit “so easy to love”, in the end “lost lovers” is also becoming more easily out of the shadows. This kind of treatment, although the sunshine, but can not in on the spoony man and moving! Besides, min. “The dark knight” question min main drawbacks. The problem is more sensitive to the ans the cackle. Simple say a few words, can understand will understand, don’t understand of the jb pour! Westerners think min Lord, is in the family already have this thing, on the basis of rethinking the things which is not enough, not to say that this thing is bad, but hope to overcome the disadvantages, make it better! It’s like somebody else to buy an inflatable doll, after use the improvement advice to the manufacturer, such as the above can can again big points, such as appearance from old BiGaiCheng small pale! But definitely not tell those to sow lu tube son bachelor, inflatable doll miss sow! So, it can judge, is already a lucky! Because he to the myriad bachelor discuss the pros and cons of inflatable dolls, if one thousand reminded bachelors were dusty rusting to rekindle the desire? Again, where the mask male lamb (Jason and silent killer in combination) in return “quan force” to all ordinary people, blockade “the police – order control power”, release the wicked to break the “order”, however, in fact, is still his manipulation of the highest “quan force”… This situation, like a country specific “ten years”? So, it can judge, the fans should be cheers! As for listed above those that rise in “black” relative “the dark knight” more business more popular words, want to batman fans don’t have to rage, if anger, also hidden under the mask of a smile, please. As to the thought of the film, is dedicated to the brain are not petrochemical hope this piece of dark night as people on the earth will no longer hope in fantasy or screen super hero, that song best – has never been a savior… All by ourselves! As for the dark knight rises, although not enough classic, but absolutely good enough! The movies like sex, if it makes you comfortable, has an aftertaste, is this good enough?? Long time no write long have meat to eat with you.


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